When Should College Students Begin Their Job Search?

There is no wrong time to begin the search for employment for college students. We typically recommend that a student begin their job search process about four to six months before he or she is set to graduate, definitely no later than three months prior to graduation. Often times, in this economy, the job search process can take months, so the sooner that an upcoming graduate can start, the better. The first step in the process is to get a resume prepared that will wow employers; a student can do this on his or her own or better yet, with the assistance of their campus career services office. Once their resume is good to go, they can start the search for available jobs (using the Internet, LinkedIn and other sources) and more importantly, networking with individuals in the industry they are interested in working in. Today more than ever before, networking is key to landing the perfect job.

About the Author:

Sam A. Mannino is the director of Career Services at Sullivan University’s Louisville campus. Prior to his current position, Sam was the director of Career Services at Sullivan College of Technology and Design. He has a background in education and workforce development and worked for nine years at Greater Louisville Inc. – the Metro Chamber of Commerce.

When not at Sullivan, Sam likes to read, travel when he can and most importantly spend time with family and friends, including his pug, Tori.

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