Sullivan From a Global Perspective: Jahnavi Paruchuri

Sullivan University’s international student body–which has reached nearly 450–is made up of ambitious students who originate from different places with different goals but who are connected by the common pursuit of quality, career-focused education at Kentucky’s largest private university. Jahnavi Paruchuri, a recent graduate of Sullivan’s Master of Science in Managing Information Technology (MSMIT) program, comes from India and chose to study abroad at Sullivan in order to prepare for a new career.  

Ten years into teaching, looking back I found myself as a ladder standing firm at the same place helping others to move ahead in life. I enjoyed my profession but want to move ahead in life and decided for a career change. After a lot of effort and thought process, and with the help of my family, I chose to study abroad.

What else can be a perfect destination other than the United States? With new hopes and ambitions my search for a course that could help me to land an IT job started. With experience in handling the department but lack of programming skills, I preferred a degree that has a mix of both information technology and management concepts. I came across the Sullivan catalog and felt yes, MSMIT is the course and joined Sullivan University.

Initially I had a hard time to switch from being a teaching to student. However, the flexible, friendly and supportive environment at the university made it easy for me to focus on my studies. The faculty is very experienced and supportive. The courses offered are very apt and stimulated the urge for learning.

Improving writing skills in my Managerial Communication Skills course; understanding my leadership type in Leadership and Team Development class; the importance of negotiation in Conflict Management, balance sheets and income statements in Managerial Finance; ten knowledge areas of project management and A to Z of running a business in my capstone course all changed my management perspective. The growth of ecommerce, raising security issues, networking concepts and system development life cycle strengthened my information technology perspective.

There is a lot of difference in how the courses are taught here compare to how I teach. There is no spoon feeding. For example, in Data Mining class, the first slide our professor explained the entire essence of the chapter and made us explore more on the topic. Some of the interactive exercises and group activities improved team management, decision making and problem-solving skills. The student needs to think and present from their point of view. The need for APA format and references from the well-maintained library databases for the courses made me learn to search for journal articles and focus on research.

An opportunity to work while studying made me familiar with the IT industry and related my studies to work. With new perspective and gained experience, I am looking forward to a bright future. I am happy that I chose Sullivan.

by Jahnavi Paruchuri

Jahnavi Paruchuri

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