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In 2002, Sullivan University began offering a Master’s of Science in Conflict Management degree. Then in 2010, we extended our degree programs and started a Ph.D. in Management program with an option in Conflict Management.  This year, the university is continuing its commitment to help organizational leaders, conflict management practitioners and conflict management scholars learn, research and make contributions to this emerging field.

I am excited to announce that Sullivan University is publishing a new scholarly, multi-disciplinary journal that will fill a void in conflict management literature.  The Journal of Conflict Management (JOCM) will be published quarterly, and it will include peer-reviewed articles on a variety of topics, including conflict coaching, workplace bullying, organizational conflict management, facilitation, negotiation, organizational ombudspersons, communication and conflict, change and conflict, and other contemporary conflict management subjects.  Each issue will be available online as a PDF file.

The JOCM has the full sponsorship of Sullivan University, so we will not be tasked with generating a profit.  Not only will this make the journal widely available without issue or subscription fees, but it also gives authors broad exposure.  The JOCM is published by a team of volunteer editors and professionals who are dedicated to the scholarly advancement of conflict management.

Are you interested in learning more about conflict management?  

The Graduate School at Sullivan University is sponsoring From Discord to Harmony: Managing Conflict in Your Workplace, presented by Dr. LaVena Wilkin, Ph.D., dean of the Conflict Management programs at Sullivan.

How conflict is managed in the workplace makes the difference between an energized and productive environment and a contentious and unproductive one. In this fast-paced presentation, Dr. Wilkin will offer practical ideas for leaders who must manage conflict to keep team members working harmoniously together.

After the presentation, there will be refreshments at the Graduate School Open House, where attendees can meet graduates, current students and faculty including Dr. Wilkin, and find out why Sullivan’s graduate school program has been ranked #1 in the region by Business First for six years running — a reflection of our deep commitment to making graduate school a success.

The presentations will be offered at both Sullivan’s Louisville and Lexington campuses:

Louisville – Tuesday, August 20th at 6pm, 3101 Bardstown Road

Lexington – Tuesday, August 27th at 6pm, 355 Harrodsburg Road

About the author:

Dr. LaVena Wilkin is the director of the Ph.D. program, the dean of Conflict Management programs, and the editor of the Journal of Conflict Management.  She spent the first 26 years of her professional life in the construction industry, and she became interested in conflict management when she bought the company she worked for and realized her conflict management skills needed honing.

In addition to overseeing the academic programs, editing the journal and teaching, she facilitates workshops on communication and conflict, emotional intelligence, forgiveness, organizational conflict, conflict and change, interpersonal conflict management and workplace bullying for organizations.

Additionally, she serves on the Board of Directors for the Society for the Prevention and Aggression Among Adolescence (SPAVA), and she is currently working with the director of Safe Neighborhoods through the Office of Mayor Greg Fisher on initiatives to reduce violence in Louisville.

In her spare time, Dr. Wilkin enjoys spending time with family and friends, going to plays and eating dinner at the wonderful Louisville Originals restaurants.

5 thoughts on “Journal of Conflict Management Launches

  1. Reply James McMillin Sep 5,2013 7:03 pm

    Dr. Wilkins,

    I have been working with JCPS Professional Development for teachers for the past several years, offering a reading and discussion program entitled “Solutions To Violence”. We also have had approval for this work from directors Judy Lippmann and Ela Edwards-Ponder of SPAVA in addition to Eileen Blanton of Peace Education in Louisville.

    You have probably heard of Colman McCarthy who originated “Solutions To Violence” in Washington, D.C. for high school students. Fortunately, the readings are diverse enough to be applied with adults as well.

    Our presentations for JCPS teachers has been very successful and we are looking to expand our reach to those preparing to enter the world of full time work.

    If you would like to know more about the program, a website designed by teachers and based on the “Solutions to Violence” model has been created in San Antonio, Tx. Their version is entitled “Class of Nonviolence”. All the readings are on line, so you can get a feel for what they cover and a teaching guide at:

    My fellow colleague presenters would like to meet with you and discuss the program possibilities for your Conflict Management degree offering.

    Thank you for your time and efforts. We are looking forward to speaking with you.
    My phone number and email address is below.

    James J. McMillin
    STV Coordinator – Louisville

  2. Reply LaVena Wilkin Sep 5,2013 11:07 pm

    Hello James, thank you for this information. I am familiar with SPAVA. In fact, I am on their Board. I would like to speak with you about our programs, and I will give you a call. Thank you for the good work you are doing in the school system.


    • Reply James McMillin Oct 3,2013 4:46 pm

      Hi LaVena,

      Just want to stay in touch and know if you are still interested in getting together. We had made contact about the Solutions To Violence reading material and series of discussions we might consider for students and or staff.

      If there is a day of the week and time that works for you, I would be interested in getting together. My schedule is fairly flexible so let me know what works for you. If it is okay for others of our presenters to join us, I will let them know what we decide on when to get together. There are three others who can be of help but any one of us can conduct sessions or help with them.

      Thank you!
      James McMillin

    • Reply James McMillin Oct 3,2013 4:50 pm

      I forgot to leave you my phone number. Home: (502) 896-6503 Cell: (502) 387-7119

    • Reply James McMillin Jan 6,2014 3:35 pm

      New Year Greetings Dr. Wilkins,

      You have probably heard of the JCPS invitation to present proposals for an Innovative School being considered for the 2015 school year .

      Some interested others and I have been putting together some ideas to present to the Board and are wondering if you might be interested in sharing your perspective(s) on this promising alternative for students in JCPS.

      Eileen Blanton of Peace Ed and I have recently conferenced, have had some idea sharing with Terry Taylor, interest from some JCPS staff and others. Jan Helson (Global Game Changers), Tom Williams (Compassionate Louisville) and Martha Bartlett (a volunteer at Peace Ed) and I have an idea session planned for this Friday.

      The JCPS invitation is apparently gathering lots of interest with at least 25 “Letters of Intent” already received. Based on the recent local emphasis on conflict management, compassionate networking and justice issues focus in Louisville, we believe we have momentum now in proposing an academic program emphasizing and infusing into JCPS curriculum, the elements of conflict resolution/management, peace making, restorative justice and solutions to violence.

      We would greatly appreciate your input to this proposal rough draft if you have the time in your demanding schedule to peruse and critique any part of it.

      Since I cannot attach it to this reply format, I will be happy to email, land mail, fax or deliver it to you personally.

      If you have the time and interest, you may go to the JCPS website to see their application outline. If so, please look at the “Proposed Design Parameters” and/or the “Design Competition Questions” for any area you feel comfortable addressing.

      Thank you so much for your time and essential program efforts in conflict management studies at Sullivan U.

      Jamie McMillin

      BTW – I think we have a mutual friend in Cindy Bryant. She is a childhood companion and very close friend of my wife Carla.

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