Instructors Use New Technology for Educational Videos

YouTube, Khan Academy, Hulu…the concept of “video” has come a long way since the days of beta vs. VHS. The widespread ability to easily create and distribute video has transformed the world of higher education just as it has transformed the entertainment industry. It’s never been easier for professors to create professional-looking educational videos or record lectures, and there’s never been a more easily available distribution network than the Internet.

At Sullivan University, librarians and professors have started creating educational videos using the screen-capture program Camtasia. Camtasia can be used to create everything from a simple recording of a user’s screen to an elaborate recording incorporating webcam video, animations, music, interactive quizzes and other effects. Camtasia is a user-friendly program that makes it possible to create these professional effects without a professional’s breadth of experience. In response to user demand, the university recently opened an audiovisual room to provide professors with the equipment and soundproofing they need to complete these videos in the office.

In addition to the options provided by Camtasia, professors can also capture and distribute their lectures using the program Panopto. Panopto allows users to create lecture recordings with a difference. In addition to recording the professor, Panopto gives users the ability to simultaneously record the professor’s PowerPoint presentation and sync it with the recording, so users not only have the lecture to view, they also have the accompanying materials.

These technologies are some of the current programs available to professors, and more are being developed all the time. Though it’s natural to sometimes wish the breakneck pace of technological development would slow down to a more manageable pace for a while, making the effort to keep up with these changes is part of the commitment to constantly improving our services to students in an endlessly changing world.

About the Author:

Cara Marco is the electronic resources librarian at Sullivan University, where she has been a full-time librarian for eight years. In that role, her responsibilities include website maintenance and design, maintaining patron access to academic databases, designing video and web tutorials, and updating and repairing the university’s online archives. In addition, she also trains faculty members in various instructional technologies and designs a variety of student bibliographic instruction sessions. In the past, she has worked at the University of Kentucky’s Lucille Little Fine Arts Library and the Jeffersonville Township Public Library, in addition to completing an internship at Louisville Free Public Library. Cara earned her MLS from the University of Kentucky in 2004 and her MBA from Sullivan University in 2010.


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