FYE 101: Welcome to the University!

Beginning college can be simultaneously exciting and overwhelming. In order to build a successful academic career, students must start with a solid foundation, and this is where FYE 101 comes in!
FYE 101 is built around the major areas students will need to be successful in the university (and beyond). In particular, the course places emphasis on academic skills such as the research process, critical thinking, analytic reading, academic writing, public speaking, and collaborative learning. Also, the FYE faculty is dedicated to helping students make informed decisions regarding their careers and finances through career literacy and financial literacy units. As a growing body of research reminds us, time management is central to academic success, and FYE 101 helps students develop strategies for effectively balancing school, work and home.
Ultimately, FYE is about establishing communities. Students make connections with each other, with faculty, and in their careers, which can (and oftentimes do) last long after graduation.
Welcome to FYE 101! Welcome to the Sullivan community!

About the Author:

Professor Josh Simpson has been teaching at the university level for well over a decade, and he has been a member of the Sullivan University faculty since 2004. He has served as chair of the English department at Sullivan University since 2011. His areas of interest include composition and rhetoric, composition theory, literature, literary criticism, philosophy and film studies.

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