EBSCOhost Wish List Option at Sullivan University

A recent blog entry discussed the EBSCOhost Healthcare Resources Summit that was held in the library on July 8th.  One fact gleaned from the Summit was that faculty can create their very own ebook “wish lists.”


What exactly does this mean? 


The EBSCOhost Collection Manager (ECM) allows users to create lists of ebooks and submit them to the library for purchase approval.


To start the process, faculty members search for ebooks in the ECM by title, author, subject or collection.  Once a search is entered into the ECM, the results will appear. Each result will list the ebook, publication information and the price. Book previews are often available.


The faculty member can then add any of the ebooks in the results to a separate list. Once the wish list is complete, the user can simply submit the list to the library!


Why is this beneficial for everyone?


There are a number of reasons.


The library’s mission statement explains that the selection of library materials is “based upon faculty input.” The ECM list strategy provides an easy, accessible way for faculty to indicate which library resources are needed by their students and programs.  This enhances the library’s collection.


Many students are online students. These students often do not have physical access to print library resources. Ebooks are necessary for these students.  By using the ECM list strategy, ebooks can be ordered for use by online students, on campus students, faculty and others.


The lists can promote collaboration by the library staff and faculty members. After viewing the lists, librarians can suggest other related library resources.


Interested in making a wish list? If so, please contact Cara Marco at cmarco@sullivan.edu to create your own, personalized ECM list.

About the author:

Belinda Yff is the information literacy / nursing librarian at Sullivan University’s Louisville campus. She has been at SU since October 1998.  Prior to her career as a librarian, Belinda worked as a registered nurse in several specialty areas. Her BSN is from Eastern Kentucky University and her MS in Library and Information Science is from the University of Kentucky.  Belinda enjoys helping students, faculty and others find useful resources and information. While not at work, her hobbies include reading, watching old movies and spending time with her family. She still has two teenagers at home, along with a rumbustious dog, so there is seldom a quiet moment.

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