Ask a Nutritionist: What Are Your Favorite Underrated Foods Under $5? 1

In the produce section, seek out:

Turnips. This low calorie, high fiber food provides vitamins E and K (Note: be careful if you’re on anticoagulant warfarin; just like other greens that must be limited) and can be steamed, roasted or added to soups. They are a member of the cruciferous vegetable family, along with collards, brussel sprouts and kale. At 51 calories per cup, there is a healthy dose of vitamin C, calcium and magnesium. Try them boiled, mashed or roasted.

In the baking aisle, search for:

Cocoa Powder. Due to the polyphenols in cocoa, it has the potential to improve cardiovascular health, decrease blood pressure, and raise HDL cholesterol. Try adding a tablespoon of cocoa to a pot of chili that you are cooking for a cold winter night, or try a sprinkling of cocoa powder mixed with powdered sugar for muffins and coffee cakes. While eating cocoa directly is not appealing, its taste profile enriches recipes.

In the refrigerated section, go ahead and pick up:

Eggs. They include choline, a nutrient that has been tied to a reduced rate of breast cancer and antioxidants that may help prevent macular degeneration, a progressive disease of the eyes that leads to blindness. If your blood cholesterol is high, limit eggs to two to three a week. If your cholesterol levels are normal, there are no indicators that tell us an egg a day is unhealthy. For people trying to recover from surgery or a prolonged illness, eggs are a perfect protein to help build up the body.

 About the Author:

Cynthia Chandler is a faculty member who joined Sullivan University as a nutrition and food service sanitation instructor.  She came to Sullivan after a varied career in both hospital and university affiliated positions. Cynthia completed her undergraduate degree in Dietetics and Institution Administration from Western Kentucky University. She went on to the University of Kentucky, where she was awarded a master’s degree with honors in Clinical Nutrition from the College of Allied Health.  Upon graduation, she sat for and successfully passed the board for the American Dietetic Association to become a registered dietitian.  She is a licensed dietitian and a certified nutritionist in the state of Kentucky. She is also licensed in the state of Florida as a dietician.

Cynthia has served on the board of the American Association of Diabetes Educators and is a current member of the Food and Culinary Professionals Practice Group of the American Dietetic Association, The American Culinary Federation, The Kentucky Dietetic Association, and the Association of Food and Nutrition Professionals.

Cynthia completed her culinary training at Sullivan University in the winter of 2010.  She has developed and conducted workshops on canning, healthy southern cuisine and healthy menu ideas, in conjunction with her chef colleagues.

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    Thanks for sharing solid information based on knowledge of food chemistry to help guide nutritional choices.
    Does Nestle’s Quik (no sugar added) qualify for the cocoa category?

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