Adjusting to Life with a Roommate

Is there a perfect roommate? Most likely, no! Roommate conflict is inevitable and can happen from time to time. Here at Sullivan University, we make sure that every roommate has filled out a “roommate living agreement.” This form covers communication, guest and room use, climate and cleanliness, sleep schedules, etc. When roommates come to the resident assistant (RA) or housing professional with their issues, we will use this agreement in our mediation. From this point, the roommates can revise and update the agreement as needed. We have seen great success with this type of conflict resolution! Not at a college/university that requires a living agreement? Sit down with your roommate(s) and make one! Have some fun with it. Share it with your RA. The point is that all expectations, rules and boundaries are in writing so that everyone has a document to go back to if disagreements arise.

About the Author:

As the director of housing and residence life at Gardiner Point Residence Hall, Lauren Kelly oversees housing operations for all residents and provides leadership and management of the residence life program. Lauren has been with The Sullivan University System since 2011 and is very passionate about working in higher education. Lauren graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Communications and will complete her master’s in Management this year! In her free time, Lauren loves to spend time with her family and friends, craft, and travel.


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